A New Journey

A different story takes place at the same time.

Not a, but all. 

Not story, but stories.

Well, technically, if you’re a grammar lover, it will be story because it will be uncountable, won’t it?

Anyway, I have talked about myself prefer to be a listener, and it’s related to a job that I do.

I am a community pharmacist. Get to work everyday, listening to the patient’s problem, sometimes their stories, and help them solve the problem.When I listen to theirs, I feel rejuvenated, especially when they talk about struggles. It strucks me like a lightning.  I was reminded how small my problems are, comparing to theirs, but they don’t even give up. Me? I don’t give up either, but for sure I often complain of myself. 

Maybe I am that simple. Talking to people is healing. Throwing random topic, sharing each other experience or story.

Anyway, it’s only been weeks for me, away from my freedom that I get when I was unemployed. The new story, new journey of me as a community pharmacist is still evolving. Hoping it will be a meaningful journey for me.

Wish you have a great journey too, good people! You deserve to have one, or more 😉 


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