A Trip to Remember : Days on Lombok (Prologue)

Hello fellas !

Finally a post after the laziness of posting in more than six months !!!!! I don’t know since when i’ve been telling myself to keep the writing habit on my-dusty-blog 😦 but what have i done so far this year? not writing much in 2016, yet 2017 will be coming in no time #cryinginthecorner

Anyway, have you ever felt so stressful and need holiday so bad?

I have. I think everyone, um, no, most people have.

This post is entirely based on my experiences on enjoying my f*ckin first time go beyond my comfort zone. Going and enjoying the breathtaking views with my college friends.

Setting : few months before graduation, on Yogyakarta

I had a discussion with my friend, to go on a holiday. She recommended to go to Lombok since she already went there 2 years ago. Well actually, she already had this talk before with my other friend and agreed to go there. She told me that more companions, the better vacation will be. That’s the motive of why she asked me to join.

I thought, “Ah it’s too far. Well from what i saw on Google (thank you for your pics anyway, dearest Google), the view at Lombok is amazing, especially the beaches. The crystal clear beaches…..ah, i want to see it. Ah, but it’s too far. Do i have money? I am not even graduated. Ah, but i really want to go there. Ah, but wait, will my parents give permission. Ah, too many ah’s………..”

Frankly speaking, not even once, i travel far from my house, except when going with my parents. But it’s not even that far. And it’s not for holiday occasion.

Heard from friend of friend of my friend (huh? but it’s the truth tho), “When will you gonna enjoy hangout or holiday with friends? After graduation is a point where you WILL NEVER KNOW when you meet your friends and meet your freedom. College, is the time where you can enjoy it, so enjoy it while it lasts”

Enjoy it while it lasts. It keeps resonated in my thoughts. I am honestly scared to join because… yeah… poor me that i can’t swim. To enjoy the holy-view-of-what’s-under-the-crystal-clear-sea (snorkeling), the ability to swim is required. I can’t even swim in the swimming pool THEN HOW CAN I DO IT IN THE SEA??????

“You don’t have to… You will be provided the life vest that keeps you floating. You don’t have to worry about that”, my friend said, trying to hush my fear away.

After a long time of thinking process, i finally collect my courage to ask for my parents’s permission via phone call (i lived far away from my parents so i have to call them). I even practiced and made a scenario with my friend on how-to-make-my-parents-let-me-go-on-holiday.

“Mom, i want to go on holiday to Lombok. I will go with *censored* *insert name of my friends*.”

“Sure, you can go.”

I never expected it will go so smooth, the negotiation. I thought it will be more dramatic, but thank God, i really thank you. I am really really really excited to finally go on my first holiday with my friends. I even went outside the island which i’ve been living for more than 20 years !!!!! (well, it’s still the same country, but, still!!!).

And, the journey began, from August 16th, 2016, at Lombok Island.

-to be continued-

I’m gonna post a photo that i took at Lombok here before going to part two.

taken with my phone. A breathtaking view at Pink Beach, Lombok.

See you ! Will post part two (hopefully) soon ! 🙂

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