Bored !

bored !.png

“Bored !”

Ever feel like Sherlock who’s gotten so bored and hitting the wall with a bloody gun?

Well, in some time, we do get bored, but it’s not to the point that i hurt the wall of my room like Sherlock did (LOL).

The question is, what to do if you get bored?

Depends. You have to know why you get bored. Tired from boring routines? Do some hobbies. Bored of doing the things you used to like? Find some new things. Bored of this life? No, please don’t ever feel that way. Too many interesting things happen everyday so please never feel bored of this life.

From my point of view, many were and are bored because of routines we tend to do everyday (red : most of the routine will be working on weekdays). Weekend is there for us to embrace our comfort zones (red : hobbies), to relax our body once in a while.

Watching how the internet evolves is my hobby.

Nope, just kidding. I just want to play with new words to replace my-most-favorite-thing-to-do, web surfing. Long ago until today, i’ve found so many sites that… yeah, helps me to relieve my boredom. Here are some of them.

  1. : famous indonesian online forum. Sources of the sources. I learn so many things just from this site. Totally amusing.
  2. : mostly contains artistic arts, mindblowing photos, creative people with creative minds. Recommended for you who loves arts.
  3. : just read some articles on this site today. Loving so many stories in this forum.
  4. Reading favorite manga online. Many sites provide it, such as mangareader, mangafox, etc. Or i just opened line webtoon application on my phone.
  5. Mainstream social media that most people use, long ago or nowadays : Facebook, Twitter, Path, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest
  6. Last but not the least, seeing reader tab on wordpress or click the “post” button on wordpress 😉

Have a nice weekend, everyone !

P.S. : I miss Sherlock so much. The movie release isn’t helping. I need Sherlock season 4.

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