To travel is to understand how amazing God has created this world for humans.

Traveling is, for me, a way to see what kind of differences this side of the world (red : my country) and that side of the world (red : every country). There must be the similarities and differences between each other. The similarities, of course, us, humans, also other creatures (animals, um…. should i mention it?) live in everywhere on this world. The differences? From the basic things like culture, food, music-until the complicated ones like politic, and many more.

These past years have been my precious experience to travel to a place, which is far from my home. It’s still in the same country, though. Not only travel, i’ve been given a chance to stay and to explore that place.

My point is… dear friend of mine, just travel, explore, further and further from your home. Remember to come home after enjoying your stay. Those places existed for you not only to enjoy, but also for a reminder, that the best place for every of us, is home.


Traveling makes me realize how precious home is, how grateful i am to meet such great parents and family, friendly friends.

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