Crossing Paths

Afternoon fellas ! How long has it been since i post something here? :”””) *clean the dust all over the blog*

You have to write something.

That’s what they said. ‘They’ means everyone who encourage a lazy blogger (red:me) to write anything, just anything. Literally anything. Aaaaand the title of this post is inspired by a song from LiSa, crossing field.


Recently, i’ve been thinking how me and my friends are on the same road, the same path right now.

We’ve been walking towards the same goal, to finish this apothecary studies. We may be walking on the same path right now, with different future goals in minds and hands. We may be walking on the same path or on the different path in the future. May God always take care of us, dear friends. May we cross again someday, in the same path, or in the different path but on the same goal.

This isn’t a goodbye. NOT YET.

Nope, i don’t want to even say goodbye. Because it hurts. Heart-ache.

But leaving without saying anything might be more painful.

Let’s do our best, dear. Also, let’s share some happiness the next time we meet.

May many happy returns everytime we do our best and everytime we pray to God.

A post from a future me, for my dearest friends

Hoping us will be fine with our own path

Loving you as always,



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