Thousand days passed in a blink of an eye. Sweats, resentment, regret, happiness, tears, grateful. Thesis has become a thing that can make those feelings burst out at once. If you ask me whether i’m happy or not after finishing this study, of course i’m happy.

I feel grateful but regretful. Regretting simple things. Ashamed of myself.

I regret on how stupid i was because i forgot things i’ve learned.

I was and am ashamed because i feel like i haven’t learnt anything.

Nothing comes out from resentment and regret something that already happened. Striving hard for the future is the best thing that i have to do. There might be a time when i looked back at my past and feeling ashamed. There might be a time when i cried on my past. The future hasn’t yet to come and it’s never late to get up from falling down.

Almost is never enough

So they said. Let my past be my reflection when i’m greedy enough, when i feel like i know everything, when i feel i’m the best. Never stop studying and learning just because you’ve just finished. Never stop wondering of things that you don’t know. Never stop searching for the truths lies beneath every single thing in this world.

May God always remind me of how small i am.

May God always remind me to never stop learning.

Happy Graduation Day ! See ya ! ^^

p.s. : pictures are from google ^^

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