Listener & Talker

2nd week of February. What have you been contributed to this world?

A few days ago, i suddenly remembered words from a friend of mine. She said, “I am always a listener”

Are you a listener or a talker?

I am a listener, even sometimes a big talker.

As a human being, we take both sides. We listen to our friend’s problem. In the other day, we tell them our problem.

In the end, we never end up being a 100% listener or a 100% talker. Just like how i thought of a bad person. A kind person isn’t 100% kind and a bad person isn’t 100% bad. The world isn’t always black and white. Some things are grey, and we have to admit it.

I’m gonna continue the story between me and my friend. A few years ago, i often hang out with her. We often share stories. There was a time she talked to me without a stop. I listened to her stories excitedly, and suddenly she said, “Sorry i am talking non stop like this, maybe it’s the after-effect of always being a listener

As i state before, i am a listener. A freaking listener. I don’t really have an interesting story to be told as a beginning of a chat with a friend, that’s why i’m a listener, a freaking listener. After being told by her, i realized that i am a listener even when i am with a listener.

But do you know? Another friend of mine wrote something in her social media. She said, some people listen not to understand, but to reply.

I promised to always listen to understand and to feel what the person want to say. Replying is important too, but don’t just reply anything.

One thing. Even some friends saw me as a listener, some of them often said something that they already said. I don’t really mind of it though. But seriously, when my friends don’t listen to me, sometimes i just wanna say, “I already told you, but did you listen?”



Such a mess. My grammar. Bye world, see ya later ! Don’t be lazy to listen 🙂

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