“Get a life !”

Said someone who got bored by every routine she always does.


Well, lately, i went to library in my campus. Such a rare sight of myself to go to library in the middle of holiday. But it’s not just me. My friends, who went into the same path as i was (red : last-semester-path); i met them in the library, facing their notebook and their drafts.

Of course, as i predicted before, i got bored. Wow. It was only for a few days and i already got bored. I’m not complaining to this obligation. I’m complaining to myself.

What to do if i got bored in the middle of an important obligation?

The answer will be different for everyone. For me, i need refreshment by laughing like there’s no tomorrow. My supplement for refreshment was already gone by this week (red : anime). I have to restock it, or, i’m going to be bored as hell hahahaha.

Laughing is the only matter now. Sometimes, i laugh easily with my friends or with just watching anything i like. But, for some reason, it’s so hard to make me laugh.

I don’t even know why, but it makes me really frustrated -_-

Sometimes, my friends even asked me to make them laugh. When i asked them why, they said because i often make them laugh. Well, to be honestly, i’m fond of that character. I really love to make people laugh. No particular reason, it’s just because i want them to do so.

….. and i have to overcome this boring life, by saying to myself, “Get a life !”

I guess i have to do something new, huh?

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