Entrepreneurship in me

It’s already April ! Well today i’m going to post my great review about the entrepreneurship event in my country.

The event, 3rd UI Studentpreneurs took place on Jakarta, Indonesia and was arranged by college students of University of Indonesia.


*screenshot from the website*

–Well, honestly i really learn a lot of things there. I mean, at first, I just attended to accompany my friend. But i have a mindset, that every single thing i do, there must be a strong reason, or at least a reasonable logic, so it won’t be a waste. After a long thinking, i said it to myself “Well, it’s not a bad case to attend it though. Maybe later i can give some lights to my entrepreneurship soul in me.”


And so…. there are some things i really put in mind till now. One of the speaker in the seminar said, before all known entrepreneur succeed on reaching their goal, they struggled first. Well everyone struggles right? Entrepreneur had to think, how to keep up with the trend, to make more innovation, make sure to give fees to employee, and etc. And not to mention about the loss. Some people who tried to be an entrepreneur give up at this stage. They think they aren’t good enough to be an entrepreneur.

Why do they think like that?

Because of the loss they receive. The speaker said, after a loss, an entrepeneur has to think what can be the cause of it.

“Oh, maybe because the price is too expensive”

“Mmmmm…. should i try to renovate the store?”


And another important thing is, we can’t be forced to be an entrepreneur.

Well another thing is… the speaker gave a really good quote.

When you want to start to be an entrepreneur, you have to get the idea, what kind of business will you do. But remember, the business isn’t always about something new, it can be an old one, but with more innovation


Well, a bad or not so good start can be a good end, if we choose not to give up :))

Have a good day everyone !

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