The Genius

Well, happy holiday ! I think not everyone is on a holiday right now hehe .________________.

Oh, lately i’ve been obsessed about tv series, movie, or variety show with detective or mystery genre. Why?

Because it’s exciting !

In this post i tell you a korean variety show called The Genius.

ImageSo, according to the picture, this variety show was filled by 12 people, with a unique capabilty. They were there to compete, to win some cash. There’s only one winner in the end. Each episode consists of main match and death match. Main match will decide who the winner is, mostly the one who has the most points in the game.

A person who has the smallest points will be in a death match. His/her opponent will be chosen by the winner. Oh, one more thing, the winner has an immunity, which can save him/her from being chosen in a death match. The winner will be given two immunity, one can be given by the winner to the other.

Why you should watch it?

Maybe some people are unaware of asian variety show. But i think this variety show is different. You should carefully chose who you will trust. You betray your ally to win. Mmmm… But mostly, i think this varshow has some similar concept with Liar Game (a Japanese dorama). For you who really loves the sensation of watching mystery or detective movie, i recommend this varshow.

How to get this varshow?

You can ask in indowebster, it’s a forum in Indonesia, so to enter it you must at least understand Indonesian language. I usually download there.

But there’s a link on tumblr,

One more thing, the picture isn’t mine, i captured it with my laptop from the genius thread in indowebster. And of course the videos were subbed by someone, i don’t know his/her name but thank youuuuu 😀

Happy watching the genius ! 😀

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