The game is on, Mrs. Hudson !

Well that’s what Sherlock said on the first episode.

By the way, i’ve been on a long holiday, yeay ! 😀

And i just want to share how i really really loooooooooooooove this UK TV series. It’s SHERLOCK !


*screencapped by me :p*

Well i’m really excited because the ending of season 3. The ‘Do you miss me’ by Moriarty was freaked me out. I just can’t……….

How can Moriarty still alive? How? What will be on season 4? Is Irene still alive too?


For those who haven’t watched Sherlock, go watch ! It’s really amazing, the actors, the crews, the producers, the entire set of Sherlock and of course Sir Arthur Conan Doyle !

The game isn’t over, Sherlock !

By the way, i’ll quote some words from Watson. I really love it. It’s really really really touching :’3




The problems of your past are your bussiness. The problems of your future are my privilege.

– John Watson

*screencapped again, the subs aren’t made by me so i wont take the credit for it , but i don’t know who subbed it so… ._.*

Ermm… Okay

See you in the next post, bye, have a nice day ! 😀

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