A Trip to Remember : Gili Trawangan

At night, worries filled my mind as I laid in my room. Never even once I imagine myself will be swimming in the middle of the ocean. I am not even brave enough to swim in the 2 metres depth of swimming pool. Eventhough my friend told me that we’re gonna be equipped with life buoy, I am still not convinced that my safety will be 100% guaranteed.

Mind your business, brain. 

I spent dollars in this holiday and i ain’t buy your shitty way of thinking of wanting to stay in the boat just because you are afraid.

D-day, and we got into a car to the destination. The place where comes into your mind first when people mentioned Lombok, Gili Trawangan.

The guide told us to make a stop at a view point where you can take photos of yourself with the stunning nature as your background. We stopped at Malimbu Point to take some shots of an island surrounded by the sea.


Malimbu Point. Taken with iphone 4s

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One step closer to 2018. Everytime new year passes, I always wonder what kind of things that I achieved. What makes 2017 different from 2016.

By 2016, I made it clear to myself that I’m gonna travel more in 2017. I got a job where I can’t have public holidays easily, so I’m truly grateful that I can enjoy visiting the places in my days off. I’m amazed too that it didn’t take that long to make my bottle of travelling wishes come true, one by one. I went to Semarang, Jakarta, Malang and Yogyakarta in different months. And, that’s what this post is about, the memories of places that I visited this year ❤


Candi Ratu Boko in HDR


Museum of Bank Indonesia, edited by snapseed


Enjoying the view of mist at Pujon Kidul, Malang


Chilling at Good Fellas Restaurant, in Semarang

For anyone who reads this, may 2018 be a better year than 2017, in all aspects. Eventhough I’m not the type of person who really have specific resolutions done every year, *cough* burning calories *cough*, I hope I can be closer to my long term goals in 2018.

See you in 2018! I’ll make sure to finish the draft of Gili Trawangan post soon ❤

A Trip to Remember : Hello Lombok !

Hold tightly the itinerary in my hands. Sent from the travel agents, by email, I don’t know how many times I looked at the itinerary i was going to do days later in Lombok. Together with friends, and other people whom I was gonna met for the first time, excitement lingered around us as we were on our way from the airport, to the settled destinations.

It was our first day in Lombok, I remember the date exactly, August 17th. The independence day of Indonesia. The first place we visited Desa Sukarare, Lombok Tengah. We saw the making process of woven fabric (sorry, i really don’t know the english word for this, the indonesian word is ‘kain tenun’). Using traditional utilities, they made scarf, traditional clothes, sling bag, and many more. You can see the beautiful scarfs they made in the left picture. It was really made nicely, I really love the mix colors and how it was blend beautifully in one scarf.


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The Calling

Meraki is probably the word passion in verb. People said, the works that we do with and without passion will be different. Happiness is always found in doing something with passion, vice versa.

Pondering with thoughts, a 20ish woman asking herself against the mirror, “Are you finally doing something with your heart?”. She smiled, nodding her head as she went to work.

A story about my struggling against life time crisis last year. 


Life time crisis: the time when you questioned yourself of who you are and what you are going to do with your life

Common situation you face after graduation : what kind of works i should do? 

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For a Moment

Days are changing, so are weeks, months, years, decades. What have you done as a human being, after living for twenty some years? Are you doing something worth to tell to your children or grandchildren?

What a grand opening of post, isn’t it? Lol. It’s been months since my last post, so here i am, drown in the memories when trying to post this.


“My mental has been drowned these days. I am in agony. I want to go home”

*another sigh*

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