One step closer to 2018. Everytime new year passes, I always wonder what kind of things that I achieved. What makes 2017 different from 2016. By 2016, I made it clear to myself that I’m gonna travel more in 2017. I got a job where I can’t have public holidays easily, so I’m truly grateful… Continue reading Closer

A Trip to Remember : Hello Lombok !

Hold tightly the itinerary in my hands. Sent from the travel agents, by email, I don’t know how many times I looked at the itinerary i was going to do days later in Lombok. Together with friends, and other people whom I was gonna met for the first time, excitement lingered around us as we… Continue reading A Trip to Remember : Hello Lombok !

The Calling

Meraki is probably the word passion in verb. People said, the works that we do with and without passion will be different. Happiness is always found in doing something with passion, vice versa. Pondering with thoughts, a 20ish woman asking herself against the mirror, “Are you finally doing something with your heart?”. She smiled, nodding… Continue reading The Calling